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It goes without saying that information is empowerment

With areas of steadily declining health in Western societies today it's important to be aware of the basic pillars of wellness - and what may be silently eroding it. With the increasing complexity and conflicting medical opinions, you need to understand for yourself and be pro-active about your own health. So why not treat yourself to one of Sarah Key's Health Vacations to help you find your way through the maze? 

Sarah Key is a back-treating physiotherapist who has been running 'Back-in-a-Week' Intensive Spinal Therapy programs for 10 years. Prompted by a similar lack of useful information in other areas of health she has recently started 'Good-Health-Getaways'. These are pro-active health vacations held in exclusive locations in Australia, Italy and England; run over 3 nights and providing up-to-the-minute, sometimes explosively important information.

Good Health Getaways are well-researched and highly stimulating learning experiences about wellness - and how to achieve and maintain health in a realisable way. Sarah's lectures are just like her books: thought provoking, easy to understand and chockablok full of information.  


    1.     A Closer Look at Cholesterol

    2.     The Facts on Fats and Oils

    3.     All Sweetness and . . . .

    4.     Good and Bad Gut Bacteria

    5.     Modern Farming & Modern Diseases

    6.     Cartilage and Arthritis

    7.     Proper Breathing

    8.     Sarah Key Talks Back

    9.     Spinal Decompression

    10.   Sitting: The New Cancer

If you want to be happy buy experiences, don't buy things

Back-in-a-Weeks are for people with a bad back. They are intensive spinal therapy programs that aim to change your life in a week. Apart from diagnosis and treatment from Sarah there are important lectures about the way the spine works and how it goes wrong, spinal therapy classes and an appropriate self-treatment programs for you to be going on with. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to read more)

Sarah Key has been the best-selling author of several books on spinal and skeletal problems. She has been continuously in print since 1986. Sarah runs Physiotherapy Courses through the University of Salford in the UK where she takes graduates physiotherapists through the art of using the feet to mobilise the spine. You can read more about the Sarah Key courses here. 

All of Sarah Key's Health Vacations feature a self-treatment class. The Back-in-a-Week classes revolve around using the BackBlock to decompress the spine. At the Good Health Getaways Sarah's stretch classes focus on un-crimping different parts of the skeleton. Classes are small and include proper breathing and relaxation techniques. 

At all Sarah Key's Health Vacations eating is at the centre of things. (Sarah herself says she lives to eat . . . . and the rest of life just tags along). The food is seasonally fresh, healthy and hearty and the menus are as 'local' as possible. Combined with the genius medical information, the fabulous culinary fare (and wine) go to making these country health retreats a life-altering experience.

Getting into the fresh air of the great outdoors is a big part of Sarah Key's Health Vacations. With local knowledge it's easy to walk the landscape and savour the intrinsic beauty and cultural uniqueness of each place - be it Italy, Cornwall, or Fernleigh in New South Wales.

But it's not all about exercise! It's about peace too; relaxing by the pool (Tuscany) with a good book, or on the veranda in the sun to shed the scales of city life.

Read more about 'Good Health Getaways'

Read more about the Australian The Fernleigh Health Retreats. These are programs of accessible health information set in a backdrop of the great Australian Outback; of fabulous food, bush-walks, 4WD driving, picnics al fresco, all in the alpine grandeur of the Upper Hunter landscape.

Read more about the Italian Castello di Potentino Health Retreats. This ancient Tuscan castle was restored and brought to life by the Graeme Greene literary family. Its picturesque olive groves and vineyards are an integral part of an agrarian landscape that has been the same for centuries; so different to the modern factory farms of the new world. 

Read more about the English Sarah's Good Health Getaways at St Mawes Cornwall. With Olga Polizzi's chic Italian ways, Tresanton is possibly the the most elegant seaside hotel in the world. It has long been acclaimed by Conde Nast as one if its 'best boutique hotels' and has an excellent reputation for its fabulous food. Sarah has been taking patients to Tresanton for over ten years.

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Read more about Back-in-a-Week in Cornwall UK. In 2003 Sarah Key started these programs to provide the ideal therapeutic scenario for people with incurable back pain. They include intensive spinal mobilisation, decompression classes, lots of information and lots of rest. The impeccable service, the fabulous restaurant and lovely interiors have made the team of Hotel Tresanton and Sarah Key the ultimate health retreat.

Read more about Back-in-a-Week Australia. In 2007 Sarah opened her own purpose-built complex in the Upper Hunter Hill Country of New South Wales. She has made it ideal for state-of-the-art back treatment, exercise classes, information sessions - and relaxation. The easy veranda living, the various sitting spots around the garden, the picnics and the yarning around campfire at dusk bring you the best of Australian Outback life.