About sarah key,
author and health expert

Sarah Key feels that various specialties of modern Medicine have developed a very narrow focus and could be giving much clearer information about disease and disability prevention. With her interest in wider health she's convinced that with new minor awarenesses and subtle adjustments to daily lives, people can be healthier.

Sarah is the author of several popular books, available on Amazon. Her health lectures are just like her books; easy to understand and chockablok full of information. See Amazon reviews of Back Sufferers' Bible

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The above book is her most recent (2014) with just 42 pages and only downloadable from Kindle. It's a must-read for anyone considering spinal surgery. You can see the eBook Reviews here.

You can listen here to a full length interview with Sarah, where she discusses the early motivations in her life to study Physiotherapy, the pitfalls she encountered along the way and a high point in her very full career.

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