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Castello di Potentino is an ancient Italian castle restored by the Graeme Greene literary family. This grand old building and its vineyards are situated on the slopes of the beautifully named Mont Amiata (Mt Beloved). For centuries the local micro-climate - hot days and cool nights, with cold air flowing down from the mountain - has created the ideal circumstances for growing grapes . . . . just as it does today.  

Sarah Key is a passionate speaker on health matters. She feels in this increasingly complex world that medical science and treatment needs to be simplified, making it easier for people to take control before they get sick. 

Take this example: Despite the human dietary habits of previous millennia, we've been persuaded in the last few decades that we shouldn't be eating saturated fats . . . . . 
Learn the difference between the fats and facts and how important this can be for your health!  


    1.     A Closer Look at Cholesterol

    2.     The Facts on Fats and Oils

    3.     All Sweetness and . . (sugar)

    4.     Good & Bad Gut Bacteria

    5.     Modern Farming & Modern Disease

    6.     Joint Cartilage and Arthritis

    7.     Proper Breathing

    8.     Sarah Key Talks Back

    9.     Spinal Decompression

   10.    Sitting: The New Smoking


Of course, it is possible to have individual treatment with Sarah Key, although this is not part of the Good Health Getaway package. Sarah deals with all musculo-skeletal disorders.

Potentino Bedroom

Castello di Potentino has recently been reclaimed from the decay of ages and beautifully and appropriately restored. This is an ancient Italian castle fit for modern day princes. Potentino also represents a way of life, completely at one with ancient Etruscan agrarian culture. 

From your bedroom window in the castle you will see the countryside has a quaintly diminutive human scale that pre-dates the modern mechanical era. Tiny olive groves and vineyards that have been there for centuries criss-cross the landscape, giving it the appearance of a patchwork quilt.

Charlotte Horton at Potentino makes award winning wines. The lovely pale pink Lyncuria is named after the urine of the lynx. Can't think why as it's heavenly to drink. 

Brother and sister Alexander and Charlotte are natural and exuberant cooks using fresh, local and seasonal fare. The food at Potentino is fantastic. So is the wine.

There's a lot to see and do in the neighbourhood of Potentino around Sarah Key's talks and exercise classes.
Potentino has the help of woofers (willing workers on organic farms) who come from all walks of life and all corners of the world to help with tending the vineyards and the harvest.

At the tail end of harvest in October, a few rows of grapes are trampled underfoot in ancient basalt basins that dot the countryside. With EU regulations it's not possible today to sell this wine on the open market, so it's reserved for domestic use. Good news for the household. It's fabulous. 

Walking the century-old white, chalky roads through olive groves and vineyards is a good way to process and digest Sarah's important information. There's a lot to take in, both mentally and emotionally and you'll need the fresh air to aerate the brains.

Then again, you can always process Sarah's information sprawled out on a deck chair, not walking anywhere except to the edge of the pool and back.

At the end of every day there's always one of Sarah's signature stretch classes, focusing on different areas of the body. Sarah often makes an audio-recording of the class, so you can repeat them at home. Video is also possible. 

Garden at Potentino

See you soon!

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